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Birthing Ourselves into Being
A Year Long Women's
Empowerment Program
by Baraka Bethany Elihu
With her groundbreaking debut book, Birthing Ourselves into Being: A Year Long Women's Empowerment Program, author Baraka Bethany Elihu transcends the restrictions of intellectually-based therapy by offering an experiential curriculum of personal healing centered not only in doing but in being. "Many women are naturally heading towards this gentler, organic approach in personal therapeutic work. Women are ready to be simply witnessed in their own mastery. We do not need to be managed, facilitated, taught or guided," explains Baraka. "The experts live within us." Birthing Ourselves into Being is fully situated in the metaphor of childbirth. The book consists of twelve chapters that explore the symbolic rhythms of the childbearing year, including pre-conception and postpartum. Offering clear, innovative, and effective steps, this creative arts-based curriculum provides readers tools to emerge with an entirely new life and stories of adventure and love to inspire the journeys of other women. "We can surrender to our process and trust that a greater peace in the world will emerge naturally, from the very belly of our personal, quiet revolutions," Baraka writes. "The space we hold for ourselves and for one another becomes the standard by which the planet responds. It is time. And we are ready."
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What are readers saying about Birthing Ourselves into Being?
"Beautifully written and thoughtfully organized, this book is a true inspiration from beginning to end. The perfect read for anyone hoping to let go, and grow." ~ Melia
"Baraka weaves wise women teachings together, presenting them in a format that is accessible to all women. I found myself laughing and crying through each chapter, deeply appreciating the message of self acceptance that Baraka brings forth in this book. This book will be a great tool for women choosing to unfold together or for the woman who chooses to dig in deeper on her own." ~ Melissa
"Through this curriculum in its infancy, I learned again the power of circling with women. Week after week, we spoke and listened in archetypes and metaphors -- each story and exercise mirroring back our own myth for close examination. It's rewarding and enlightening work -- not always easy, but worth it. It was an honor to witness and participate in the birth of Birthing Ourselves Into Being. I recommend it highly to the soul traveler looking for some resources." ~ Jerelyn
"BOIB is a treasure chest bursting with gems of inspiration and practical guidance. Baraka has packed this volume with all the tools a woman in the midst of transformation needs to support herself. Wherever you are on life's journey, BOIB will meet you there and then, like a dear friend, lovingly cheer you onward." ~ Autumn
"Craving a deeper connection with your own heart + those you love? Baraka's book, Birthing Ourselves into Being, makes it surprisingly easy and deeply satisfying: Gather a small group of women. Set a standing monthly date. Then read BOiB, reflect, share, grow, trust, dance, write. Together. You'll be so amazed, and deeply grateful to Baraka for sharing her gift, and for helping you share yours." ~ Jennifer